Listen: S. Carey “Fire-Scene”

Bon Iver Drummer Set to Release New Solo Record

Sean Carey, the drummer and backing vocalist of Bon Iver, has been putting out music under the alias S. Carey. His latest release will be a full length LP called Range of Light and will be hitting stores April 1st. It’s the first full length album Carey has released since his 2010 record All We Grow, and it will be the first time he’s went into a studio to do his recordings. The full track list can be seen below.

Check out S. Carey when he comes to the Garrison on April 19th and give track 4 a listen here.

Range of Light:
1. Glass/Film
2. Creaking
3. Crown the Pines
4. Fire-Scene
5. Radiant
6. Alpenglow
7. Fleeting Light
8. The Dome
9. Neverending Fountain