Listen: Sacha Baron Cohen Explains Why He Left Freddie Mercury Biopic

After working on scripts for six years

Actor and screenwriter Sacha Baron Cohen told Howard Stern that he left the Freddie Mercury biopic after many disagreements with the remaining members of Queen.

Cohen wanted the biopic to go in-depth about Mercury’s wild side. He said on The Howard Stern Show:

“There are amazing stories about Freddie Mercury. Crazy – The guy was wild. I mean he was living an extreme lifestyle. There are stories of … little people with plates with cocaine on their heads walking around a party.”

Queen did not have the same idea in mind for the film, who wanted half of it to feature their career without Mercury. Guitarist Brian May also thought that Cohen’s presence in the movie would be “distracting”. Listen below:


Photos courtesy of Joella Marano via Flickr and Carl Lender via WikiMedia.