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Listen: Sam Smith releases new Bond theme “Writing’s On the Wall”

The new theme song is now out for the upcoming Bond flick Spectre, although reaction online has been mixed.

The song, titled “Writing’s on the Wall,” is a collaboration between Sam Smith frequent collaborators Disclosure. Its release has attracted some unfavourable press so far, with media outlets like the Atlantic describing it as “radically wimpy,” and the Guardian as “an X-factor ballad.”

“I hope that people aren’t expecting me to be bringing out a big pop song because that’s not what I wanted to do here,” Smith said in a video interview before the release. “I wanted to bring out something timelessly classic that works with the project and the film, I’m not writing this for me, this is a James Bond song. I just hope people listen to it and think, ‘That’s Bond.'”

While the reaction hasn’t been all negative, the theme’s more emotional tone, soaring classical orchestration and lack of percussion made it unpopular to some.

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