Listen: Shakey Graves covers Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’ for tenth anniversary ‘Roll The Bones’ reissue

'Roll The Bones X' is set for release on April 2, 2021

Shakey Graves is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming double album, Roll The Bones X, on April 2nd, 2021, and today he’s shared a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire.”

“I am a total sucker for an out of context cover,” frontman Alejandro Rose-Garcia explains. “Inevitably when you strip back the original production of any song and frame it in a new light, alternate meanings tend to emerge. I think I always imagined covering something off of Nebraska (my Bruce Springsteen gateway drug). That album was always a thematic inspiration to my sound, and I remember being initially stunned when I first heard The Boss being quiet, sweet, and creepy all at the same time. ‘I’m On Fire’ has these same qualities but I always steered clear of it partially because it’s arguably Bruce’s most covered tune and mainly because I spent years avoiding Born In The U.S.A. It took me a long time to recognize it as the masterpiece of subversion it is, a troubled album about a troubled nation masquerading as first pumping anthem rock. There is an underlying obsession and mania that emerges from these lyrics on their own.”

Shakey Graves’ cover of the famous track revolves around a gritty, deep instrumental line and stomp-worthy percussion, as Rose-Garcia’s raspy vocals take the lead.

Listen to Shakey Graves’ cover of “I’m On Fire” below.

Roll The Bones X is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Shakey Graves’ breakout Bandcamp album, Roll The Bones. Alongside the anniversary pressing, 15 additional tracks are being released as the Odds + Ends LP, which documents the country-tinged alternative artist’s early era.

Check out the tracklist for Roll The Bones X below.

Roll The Bones X (Ten Year Anniversary) Tracklist:

DISC 1 (Roll The Bones)

01 – “Unlucky Skin”
02 – “Built To Roam”
03 – “Roll The Bones”
04 – “I’m On Fire”
05 – “Georgia Moon”
06 – “Business Lunch”
07 – “City In A Bottle (Live @ 2023)”
08 – “Proper Fence”
09 – “Seal Hunter”
10 – “To Cure What Ails”

DISC 2 (Odds + Ends)

01 – “Years Ago (Interlude)”
02 – “Chinatown”
03 – “Oh The Reign”
04 – “The Night (Interlude)”
05 – “Dusty Lion”
06 – “Word Of Mouth (Early Version) [featuring Isaac Gillespie]”
07 – “The Haunted Guitar (Interlude)”
08 – “Late July (Early Version)”
09 – “The Daily All”
10 – “Pansy Waltz (Demo)”
11 – “Lonely Hill (Alt-Version)”
12 – “The Teacher (Interlude)”
13 – “Saving Face (Early Version of Roll The Bones)”
14 – “Bully’s Lament (featuring Isaac Gillespie & Morgan Heringer)”
15 – “The Shepherd (Interlude)”