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Listen: Shakey Graves shares intimate track ‘Georgia Moon’ from forthcoming ‘Roll The Bones X’ reissue

Shakey Graves has shared his intimate track “Georgia Moon” from his forthcoming Roll The Bones X double LP, which is set for release on April 2nd, 2021.

Shakey Graves’ Alejandro Rose-Garcia explains of the track:

“On the first day of second grade I met Wesley Stewart. In the long run, we shared an inseparable 20+ year that has now driven every inch of interstate the country has to offer and flown to three separate continents. But back in 2008 neither of us had really left Texas much so we decided that it was time to see The Big Abble. We zoomed down the road in his decrepit Nissan, chewing beef jerky and searching for trouble, until we found ourselves in Tennessee. We agreed that the only smart thing to do at a time like this was to pull over and try to buy some moonshine. So, we veered off the highway at the first liquor sign we passed and kicked the door down. There, on a crude display pedestal sat a ziplock bag containing a can of 7 Up and a jar of cheap corporate white lightning, the sack was labeled the ‘Hillbilly Highball’ and it was on sale for $16.99. On I-81 with the molten juice in tow, an automated highway alert sign flew by that read ‘If You Booze It You Might Lose It.’ We cackled in joy and Wesley exclaimed ‘this deserves a country song!’ So, I pulled out a notepad and we scratched down the words to what we imagined to be a jaunty tongue in cheek hillbilly tune. Yet what resulted was a sweeter, more nostalgic tune than either of us could have ever conceived. The jokes became legends, the legends became songs, and the songs were friendship, distilled.”

Listen to “Georgia Moon” below.

Roll The Bones X is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Shakey Graves’ breakout Bandcamp album, Roll The Bones. Alongside the anniversary pressing, 15 additional tracks are being released as the Odds + Ends LP, which documents the country-tinged alternative artist’s early era.

Check out the tracklist for Roll The Bones X below.

Roll The Bones X (Ten Year Anniversary) Tracklist:

DISC 1 (Roll The Bones)

01 – “Unlucky Skin”
02 – “Built To Roam”
03 – “Roll The Bones”
04 – “I’m On Fire”
05 – “Georgia Moon”
06 – “Business Lunch”
07 – “City In A Bottle (Live @ 2023)”
08 – “Proper Fence”
09 – “Seal Hunter”
10 – “To Cure What Ails”

DISC 2 (Odds + Ends)

01 – “Years Ago (Interlude)”
02 – “Chinatown”
03 – “Oh The Reign”
04 – “The Night (Interlude)”
05 – “Dusty Lion”
06 – “Word Of Mouth (Early Version) [featuring Isaac Gillespie]”
07 – “The Haunted Guitar (Interlude)”
08 – “Late July (Early Version)”
09 – “The Daily All”
10 – “Pansy Waltz (Demo)”
11 – “Lonely Hill (Alt-Version)”
12 – “The Teacher (Interlude)”
13 – “Saving Face (Early Version of Roll The Bones)”
14 – “Bully’s Lament (featuring Isaac Gillespie & Morgan Heringer)”
15 – “The Shepherd (Interlude)”

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