Listen: Sleater-Kinney shares new track ‘Can I Go On’

'The Center Won't Hold' drops on August 16

While gearing up for the release of The Center Won’t Hold, which drops on August 16th, Sleater-Kinney has shared their new song titled “Can I Go On.”

This new song is full of existential rage, with a strong and bold comeback that radiates new energy, but still feels like Sleater-Kinney.

The lyric video is angsty and animated with awesome transitions between each verse and chorus. The images shown portray the sense of descending into the madness of overthinking, insanity, despair, and loneliness. The video is black and white with the pop of red, contrasting the monochrome look of the video.

Listen to Sleater-Kinney’s “Can I Go On” below.