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Listen: Stars Deliver New Single ‘One Day Left’

Stars have been on quite a roll since dropping There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light last October. They churned out a new song, “Ship To Shore,” in March, and today they’ve delivered another fresh single with the sweeping “One Day Left.”

“One Day Left” sees Amy Milan and Torquil Campbell exchanging vocals, diving into the depths of a failing relationship.

“The last 12 hours you spend with someone you love might as well not exist,” the band said in a release. “You are looking at a ghost. Maybe you have fucked a hundred times, maybe you just met. But if you are in love with them, goodbye hits like poison. You are in the hotel room. You know it’s almost over. You know it has to be. The city rages on outside. But in there lying next to them with all your clothes on and your bags packed, listening to them breathe, time stops. Why won’t the city have some heart and stop while you say goodbye? This song is for everyone who has a fucked up love affair this summer. It might not feel like it now, but….one day you’ll sit in a bar somewhere alone and realize; the pain was worth it.”

Check out the lyric video for “One Day Left” below.

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