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Listen: Stars Share New Single ‘Alone’

Stars haven’t been holding back when it comes to their new album. As of today the band has already shared five new singles, the latest being a song called “Alone.”

In an interview with Billboard, Stars’ Torquil Campbell expressed his regret behind not being the one to write a certain song by The Kinks. Instead, the band wrote “Alone.”

“Of all the songs I wish I had written, ‘Waterloo Sunset’ is the one I wish I had written most,” he said. “But I didn’t. I wrote this instead. And when I say I, I mean the whole band. All six of us, still making music together — music about people who feel alone. There must be a lesson in that somewhere. If you find it, please don’t get in touch.”

Listen to “Alone” below.


There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light is out October 13.

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