Listen: Sufjan Stevens finally releases decade-old track ‘Lonely Man of Winter’

Proceeds from the track will go toward Brooklyn non-profit venue JACK

Sufjan Stevens has finally shared a track he created a decade ago called “Lonely Man of Winter.”

The track was made in response to Alec Duffy’s “Every Day is Christmas,” which was the winning song from Sufjan Stevens’ 2007 Xmas Song Xchange Contest. Originally, only Duffy had access to the tune, which he shared at listening parties across the world.

Now, all fans can listen to the seasonal ballad. Check out “Lonely Man of Winter” below.

Both the ballad and Duffy’s “Every Day is Christmas” are included on a new compilation with an updated version of Sufjan’s track that features Melissa Mary Ahern.

All proceeds from the new three-track compilation will go towards a Brooklyn non-profit performance venue called JACK, which aims to encourage art and activism.