Listen: Sufjan Stevens shares new track ‘Incantation VIII’

‘Convocations’ the five-volume album is out in full on May 6

Week by week Sufjan Stevens has been releasing his forthcoming 49-track album, Convocations, which consists of five volumes. Four volumes, Meditations, Lamentations, Revelations and Celebrations, have already been released and now he prepares to drop the fifth and final volume, Incantations.

Today, Stevens released “Incantation VIII”, a dreamy three-minute trance. The track begins with a low spacey beat that repeats throughout its entirety where it is then layered with a striking melody that rises and falls, trapping the listener into a beautiful daze.

Listen to “Incantation VIII” below.

Stevens wrote and recorded Convocations as an homage to his biological father who died in September only two days after the release of his last album The Ascension. The five volumes are set to explore different parts of his grieving process, including loss, isolation and anxiety.

Convocations is set for release in full on May 6th via Asthmatic Kitty.