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Listen: Sufjan Stevens shares new track ‘The Unlimited,’ announces new collaborative album with his stepfather

Sufjan Stevens has announced Aporia, his forthcoming collaborative album with his stepfather Lowell Brams, which is set for release on March 27th. Today, the duo have shared “The Unlimited.”

The new album was recorded over several years. “You know how it is with jamming, ninety percent of it is absolutely horrible, but if you’re just lucky enough, ten percent is magic,” Stevens explains in a statement. “I just kept pulling out these little magical moments.”

“The Unlimited” is an eerie, ominous track with no vocals, revolving around ambient instrumentals and a driven beat.

Listen to “The Unlimited” and check out the tracklist for Aporia below.

Aporia Tracklist:

01 – “Ousia”
02 – “What It Takes”
03 – “Disinheritance”
04 – “Agathon”
05 – “Determined Outcome”
06 – “Misology”
07 – “Afterworld Alliance”
08 – “Palinodes”
09 – “Backhanded Cloud”
10 – “Glorious You”
11 – “For Raymond Scott”
12 – “Matronymic”
13 – “The Red Desert”
14 – “Conciliation”
15 – “Ataraxia”
16 – “The Unlimited”
17 – “The Runaround”
18 – “Climb That Mountain”
19 – “Captain Praxis”
20 – “Eudaimonia”
21 – “The Lydian Ring”

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