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Listen: Summer Salt release joyful new track ‘Clover’

Summer Salt is the charming duo, Matthew Terry (singer/guitarist) and Eugene Chung (drummer) from Dallas, Texas. Recently, they excitedly released their newest single “Clover.”

In a statement, Terry shared,

“This song is about a friend or partner, whoever they may be, that pulls you out of whatever you’re going through. The clover to your crimson. I was listening to this song a lot during the time when I was writing ‘Clover.’ ‘Crimson and Clover’ that is. I guess deep down it’s a song about green eyes, green heart emojis, green luck. Sentimental things like that for us.”

Listen to ‘Clover’ below.

Their upcoming album Sequoia Moon is to be released on June 25th via Cherry Lime Records. Produced by Phil Ek (Modest Mouse, Fleet Foxes), the album tells relatable stories through bright and bubbly sounds that listeners can find peace in.

Sequoia Moon Tracklist:
01 – “Clover”
02 – “Neptune”
03 – “Hocus Pocus”
04 – “Monday’s Fácil”
05 – “Lewa Lani”
06 – “Feather Fall”
07 – “Trouble In Paradise”
08 – “Two Of A Kind”
09 – “Patch Your Jacket”
10 – “Colors Of Your Love”
11 – “Campus Blue”
12 – “Marielle”

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