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Listen: SUPERWARM release beachy new track ‘Algarve’

SUPERWARM have shared a dreamy new track called “Algarve.”

“Algarve” would be perfect to listen to on a beach, with sunny melodies and tranquil vocal lines that have a nostalgic tinge to them. The blissful guitar riffs are definitely a standout on this track, and will have you dreaming of brighter days.

SUPERWARM’s Nathan explains of the song:

“I was on a trip in the Algarve looking at the rock formations when I thought of the Bossa groove and jazzy chords. I had the initial rhythm for over a year but didn’t know what to do with it. Then when I was living in the studio on the Isle of Wight, my relationship was strained with my girlfriend who was living in London. Some evenings I would go outside to the beach and remember this one moment from the Algarve trip.

It was when we bought some strawberries and because we were on a sandy beach, I took off my hat and placed it upside down so we could eat the strawberries from the hat. So the lyrics came out of that memory and that’s why it sounds sentimental. I guess it was a way to reconnect with her.”

Listen to “Algarve” below.

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