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Listen: TALIA shares smooth, alluring new single ‘HML’

Caribbean-American Brooklyn-based artist TALIA has shared an alluring new single called “HML.”

Marking her fourth single to date, “HML” is a smooth, sensual track about pursuing a crush. With driven percussion and retro electric guitar riffs, TALIA’s smooth, warm vocals take the lead.

“The writing was all about conveying the game and thrill of pursuing a crush,” TALIA explains of the track. “I just wanted to toy with the idea of professing my feelings for someone in a playful and flirtatious way – almost like a dare for them to hit my line and let me know if they feel the same way.”

Listen to “HML” below.

TALIA is set to release her debut EP headrush later this year via Quadio Records.

The forthcoming collection is set to explore love and messy endings, with each track intimate and personal in a different way. “I wanted to pour out the emotions that have brought me to this moment, I wanted to ask the questions on my heart,” TALIA continues. “headrush is about the journey of me becoming who I am to this day.”

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