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Listen: Tame Impala unveils pulsing, dynamic new track ‘It Might Be Time’

Tame Impala have just dropped a powerhouse new single called “It Might Be Time.”

According to a press release, the track is “your paranoid shadow snapping at your Achilles heel. It’s the horrifying idea that your mojo’s gone out for a walk and it may not be coming back. It’s second guessing yourself, wondering ‘have I still got it? Did I ever??’ Your paranoid inner observer taunting you in your denial, telling you to wake up and accept your salad days are over. A dynamic, bombastic burst of pungent prog-pop.”

With blistering explosions of psychedelic instrumentals, this all-encompassing track comes packed with glitching synths, blistering sirens, and perfectly layered drum lines. Time and time again, the track will fool you into thinking it’s ended before it pops into its dynamic chorus as frontman Kevin Parker sings, “It might be time to face it.”

Listen to “It Might Be Time” below.

The Slow Rush drops on February 14th via Interscope.

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