Listen: Tegan And Sara make their return with new track ‘I’ll Be Back Someday,’ announce new album ‘Hey, I’m Just Like You’

The album full of tracks from high school drops on September 27

Tegan and Sara have announced their new album Hey, I’m Just Like You, which is made up of tracks that the twins wrote in high school, and revisited and rerecorded this year. As part of the announcement, they’ve dropped the record’s first single, “I’ll Be Back Someday.”

“We had been begging for an electric guitar, and on our 16th birthday, we got one,” Sara explains of the origins of the track. “Of course, we had to share it, so it became a weapon that we stole from each other’s rooms, barricading ourselves behind locked doors with a guitar in hand. Screaming over the small amplifier, we tested our voices by writing punk songs, shredding our thumbs on the strings.”

Listen to “I’ll Be Back Someday” and check out the tracklist for Hey, I’m Just Like You below.

Hey, I’m Just Like You Tracklist:

01 – “Hold Me Breath Until I Die”
02 – “Hey, I’m Just Like You”
03 – “I’ll Be Back Someday”
04 – “Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You (They Lie)”
05 – “Hello I’m Right Here”
06 – “I Don’t Owe You Anything”
07 – “I Know I’m Not The Only One”
08 – “Please Help Me”
09 – “Keep Them Close Cause They Will Fuck You Too”
10 – “We Don’t Have Fun When We’re Together Anymore”
11 – “You Go Away And I Don’t Mind”
12 – “All I Have To Give The World Is Me”
Hey, I’m Just Like You is set for release on September 27th, and you can catch Tegan and Sara at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre on October 19th.