Listen: The Darcys share new R&B-inspired song ‘Chasing The Fall’

The Darcys slow things down on latest track

Toronto-based duo The Darcys have followed-up their summer jam “Just Here With My Friends” with a 90s R&B-esque slow jam titled “Chasing The Fall.” The song has a real city nightlife feel to it.

“I like the images of Zinfandel by the pool, casinos and heart-shaped jacuzzis, as they all have the kitsch of a love story in a bad movie,” Wes Marskell said in a statement. “However, there’s an unlikeliness to the events, hitting the jackpot or rain in Palm Springs, and you get the feeling you’re letting someone take you on a ride that’s full of chaos. Once you’ve done it, you’ll do anything to do it again.”

Check out the latest from The Darcys below.