Listen: The Monkees’ Share “She Makes Me Laugh” Written By Rivers Cuomo

The Weezer frontman teamed up to make a totally 60's tune.

Legendary pop group The Monkees are only a month away from the release of Good Times!, their first studio album in 20 years. In anticipation, the group released “She Makes Me Laugh”, a track written by none other than the talented Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

Cuomo claims he is a longtime fan of The Monkees and told Rolling Stone:

I’m super stoked to be writing a song for the Monkees. I’ve always identified with their musical aesthetic – the chord changes and melodies.

The song has a total 60’s vibe, with light hearted lyrics accompanied by a gentle banjo. Listen to “She Makes Me Laugh” in the player above.

Good Times! will be released on May 27th, and will also feature songs written by Ben Gibbard, Andy Partridge, Neil Diamond and more.

(Photos courtesy of The Monkees via Facebook & Rivers Cuomo via Facebook)