Listen: The Rentals make their return with new track ‘Forgotten Astronaut’

The song is inspired by the Command Module Pilot of Apollo 11

The Rentals have made their return with a new track called “Forgotten Astronaut.”

The song is inspired by Michael Collins, who was the Command Module Pilot of Apollo 11 that had to wait 21 hours alone while Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. “Forgotten Astronaut” truly revolves around frontman Matt Sharp’s lyricism, with lines like “We’re high above the tranquil sea/ I take a deep breath and set the Eagle free/ Oh, I know, what I know and I know it’s all up to me/ But, I feel what I feel and I feel the history.”

“I started writing ‘Forgotten Astronaut,’ while I was reading ‘Flying To The Moon’ (1976, MacMillan),” Sharp explains in a statement. “When friends would ask if I had read anything good recently, I would tell them I was reading about Michael’s extraordinary life and whomever I was talking with would simply ask, Who is Michael Collins?. And then again, when I was previewing early arrangements of the song for friends, I would tell them that lyrics were being sung from Michael’s perspective and they would, without exception, hit me with that exact same question.”

Listen to “Forgotten Astronaut” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Dirk Mai.