Listen: The Rural Alberta Advantage share Fort McMurray-inspired ‘Beacon Hill’

Frontman's relationship to wildfire-affected hometown central theme in new song

Canadian rock band The Rural Alberta Advantage have unveiled another new track, titled “Beacon Hill”.

Inspired by the wildfires that tore through Fort McMurray, AB, last year, “Beacon Hill” holds a special place in Nils Edenloff’s heart with Fort McMurray being his hometown. Have a listen below.

Having a complicated relationship with the place where he grew up, Edenloff still has personal ties to his home.

“Now, like a lot people who grew up in Fort McMurray, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the place,” Edenloff told Stereogum in a statement. “Growing up there, I knew it wasn’t the last stop for me but my life has become inexorably tied to the place and it’s shaped my life in more ways that I could have ever anticipated.”

Image via sidrguelph/Flickr