Listen: The Sheepdogs make their return with new single ‘Keep On Loving You’

From their forthcoming EP 'No Simple Thing'

The Sheepdogs have made their return with their first new music since 2018, “Keep On Loving You.” The track marks the first single from the Canadian shaggy rockers’ forthcoming EP, No Simple Thing.

The energetic new track is quintessential Sheepdogs, with wailing, uplifting guitar riffs and gritty, processed vocal lines, all making for a retro, fun-loving anthem.

“Recording together during the pandemic was like finding a life raft after floating in the ocean for 90 days,” frontman Ewan Currie explains. “We were itching to play music and above all else some human interaction. We missed the brotherly spirit us the five of us have when we get together to jam. I hope folks get a lift from ‘Keep on Loving You.’ In times of trouble or sadness, we can find comfort and solace in what is my personal holy trinity: family, friends and rock ‘n roll.”

Listen to “Keep On Loving You” below.