Listen: The Staves unveil reflective new track ‘Trying’

The Staves reflect on the state of the world

The Staves have released a reflective new track called “Trying.”

“Trying” is all about the dystopian environment we’re all living in, and the importance of interdependence in these times.

“I wanted to write a song about the state of things in the world and how broken our ability to communicate with each other had become as a society, but it became impossible as I was writing to separate my personal life from the broader message,” The Staves’ Camilla Staveley-Taylor explains. “I was living in America away from my family in a relationship that was failing. The state of America (and in Britain for that matter) and the state of my relationship seemed to become one and the same. The song became far more about my own situation.”

Listen to “Trying” below.