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Listen: The Strumbellas share official acoustic rendition of ‘Greatest Enemy’

Canadian collective The Strumbellas have shared an official acoustic rendition of “Greatest Enemy.”

“Because ‘Greatest Enemy’ was written on an acoustic guitar, an acoustic version feels natural,” keyboardist Dave Ritter explains. “Working on these different versions was really fun. It let us explore different sides of the song and of ourselves as musicians.”

The new rendition follows three exclusive versions: country, indie, and strings. The original version of the track, released in February, marked their first new music since 2019’s Rattlesnake.

Listen to the acoustic version of “Greatest Enemy” below.

“Greatest Enemy” is all about the importance of wellness and using music as a foundation for support. The track sees The Strumbellas continuing their effort to bring forward a conversation about mental health. In fact, The Strumbellas have been working with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for the track’s release. The goal is to raise awareness and offer opportunities for viewers and listeners to donate.

The animated video for the original version of “Greatest Enemy” was created by animator Luca Tarantini. The video tells the tale of someone struggling with inner demons as they make their way through a captivating, yet dangerous environment.

Revisit the video for the original version of “Greatest Enemy” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Matt Barnes.

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