Listen: The Windows Boot-Up Songs slowed down 4000 percent is mesmerizing

Blissful, eerie, atmospheric noise

For the past 20 years, 9-5er’s have shared in the same morning lament of turning on a computer and hearing their Windows PC blast it’s boot-up song. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the song that a Windows computer plays as it is turning on.

Though you may have become desensitized after hearing them over and over, one London-based artist saw the beauty in them and made something remarkable. Taking boot ups from Windows 95 through Windows Vista, and slowing them down 4000%, Daniel John Jones has turned them into atmospheric masterpieces.

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Sounding like a score from a Nature Documentary series or slow moving drama, the mixture of chiming strings and booming brass section in “Windows 2000 Startup Sound” is the perfect sound for reaching the top of a mountain or descending into a long journey through space. Or if you’re more in the mood a super eerie, alien discovery ambiance, check out “Windows NT Startup Sound”.

Compare that against the original of the most notable one: