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Listen: Thom Yorke releases two new compositions ‘Don’t Fear the Light’ and ‘Gawpers’

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is back with two new compositions titled “Don’t Fear the Light” and “Gawpers,” which he premiered on an episode of BBC Radio 3’s “Unclassified.”

“Don’t Fear the Light” was premiered last month at “Minimalist Dream House,” a Paris performance which also saw contributions from The National’s Bryce Dessner and pianists Katia and Marielle Labeque. “Katie and Marielle suggested for a few years that I write some music for them,” Yorke wrote about the piece. “Usually, I would laugh and say I couldn’t read music, but in truth, I was intrigued by the idea. I realized that writing for score, or over a sequencer or modular gear, are really not so far apart.”

The show also played “Gawpers,” which saw vocals from Yorke alongside a subtle, humming synth and the Labeque sisters’ piano lines. Check out both new tracks here, where “Don’t Feel the Light” starts at 27:30 and “Gawpers” at 47:20.

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