Listen to Lou Reed Hearing The Ramones for the First Time

New doc Danny Says takes us back to a special moment in rock 'n' roll history

A new documentary about New York rock legend Danny Fields takes us back to the legendary moment that Lou Reed heard punk icons The Ramones for the first time.

The documentary is called Danny Says, mimicking a Ramones song of the same name written about Fields. Says shared some of his super-cool archives, including a recording of himself introducing The Ramones to Lou Reed in 1975. The Velvet Underground frontman’s reaction is priceless. “That’s without a doubt the most fantastic thing you’ve ever played me,” Reed says in the recording. “I mean, it makes everybody look so fuckin’ wimpy, Patti Smith and me included.”

“Everybody else looks like they’re really old-fashioned. That’s rock ‘n’ roll,” he continues. He had no idea how right he was.

Listen to the recording via the New York Times.