Listen: TOPS release sweet new track ‘Direct Sunlight’

'I Feel Alive' drops April 3rd

Ahead of their upcoming album I Feel Alive out April 3rd, TOPS have dropped a new single “Direct Sunlight.”

The Montreal bedroom pop band has already released three singles off the album, including the title track, “Witching Hour,” and “Colder & Closer.”

The upbeat track reflects TOPS’ fun, colourful and bouncy sound. Filled with beaming synths, gentle twinkling and sweet vocals, the track is a burst of joy. Lead vocalist Jane Penney sings, “Get a load of that sunshine in your life/ They play shadow games/ I play with the light/ Promise me we’ll always be me.”

Give “Direct Sunlight” a listen below.

I Feel Alive is out April 3rd via TOPS own music label Musique TOPS.