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Listen: Tragically Hip offshoot Strippers Union share new track ‘We Are The Underworld,’ announce forthcoming album

Tragically Hip guitarist Rob Baker and Odds frontman Craig Northey have announced their forthcoming double album The Undertaking, and as part of the announcement, they’ve shared a new track called “We Are The Underworld.”

The new 18-track album marks their third collaborative album, and serves as the follow-up to 2011’s The Deuce. While the first disc will get its digital release on February 5th, the second is set to arrive on March 12th.

“Why so long a wait between albums? These last 10 years have had their share of unexpected twists and turns,” Baker explains in an accompanying essay. “Suffice it to say that my life was in upheaval. My lifelong dream, which was embodied by the Hip, had come to a sudden and very final end. It was, oddly, both profoundly sad and fulfilling, and it left a void for me. What was I to do now?”

Check out the full essay here, or take a listen to “We Are The Underworld” and check out the tracklist for The Undertaking below.

The Undertaking Tracklist:


01 – “We Are The Underworld”
02- “Take The Edge Off”
03 – “Traveller Traveller”
04 – “The Enforcer”
05 – “Dogstar”
06 – “Invitation”
07 – “Too Close To The Truth”
08 – “I’ll Find You In The Mountains”
09 – “When I Come Back As A Dog”


10 – “Into Your Arms (The End)”
11 – “No Fear”
12 – “Take It Back”
13 – “No Rain Tonight”
14 – “Permanent Damage”
15 – “Damn Hallelujah”
16 – “Way Down”
17 – “Identify Thief”
18 – “All Clear”

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