Listen: Unreleased Foo Fighters Demos Leaked

Songs that almost broke up the band 13 years ago

Earlier this week, an anonymous user on Reddit posted a link to a series of previously unreleased Foo Fighters tracks — first-draft version of the band’s fourth album.

The album, known unofficially as Million Dollar Demos, is composed of 11 tracks that were originally recorded as an alternate version of the band’s 2002 record One By One. The band had been going through a rough patch, ultimately leading to most of this version being scrapped. The official version of One By One was rerecorded in two weeks.

Three of the songs (“Tired Of You”, “Walking A Line”, and “Normal”) were officially released on the album, and two others (“Have It All” and “Come Back”) leaked on line soon after. Many of the songs are similar to the ones that made it onto the album, while others sound brand new.

According to the Reddit post, no more than 30 second clips of the other songs have ever been publicly shared before. Finally, the unreleased tracks die-hard Foo fans have been waiting for.

Take a listen to one of the leaked tracks entitled “Lonely As You” above, and check out the original Reddit post for Million Dollar Demos.