Listen: Vampire Weekend Share ‘California English Pt. 2’ B-Side

New album expected out this year

Hopefully you didn’t spit out your coffee, but Vampire Weekend have just shared a song song….sort of.

Vampire Weekend already know their fans are on red alert awaiting their fourth album, but that hasn’t stopped them from playing tricks. The group have shared a b-side from the 2010 album Contra, “California English Pt. 2”. The b-side is similar in style to the first version, playing around with the effects of the background voices similar to the drums in pt. 1.

The indie group have been ramping up their online presence lately. They recently enlisted the meme account Seinfeld 2000 to take over their Instagram account, and have been poking fun at the fact that they opened a set last week with three consecutive performances of “A-Punk”. What they will dig out next, no one knows.

Listen to “California English Pt. 2” below: