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Listen: Vundabar return with new tracks ‘Aphasia’ and ‘Ringing Bell’

Vundabar have made their return with their first new music since last year’s Either Light, “Aphasia” and “Ringing Bell.”

“The creation of this song was sparked by my dad having a stroke that has resulted in global aphasia,” Vundabar’s Brandon Hagen explains of “Aphasia.” “That happening, on top of quarantine, produced a crisis within a crises. The song originated as being about having difficulty describing the world and yourself, and then my pops’ stroke happened and it felt uncanny and fated.”

“Aphasia” features guest vocals from Indigo de Souza, and it’s accompanied by a music video that comes packed with vampires. The video, which was created by Hagen’s sister and her boyfriend, is a light, fun clip that’s meant to counterbalance the song’s dark subject matter. “Ringing Bell,” on the other hand, is a B-side that’s a bit more energetic and groove driven then the double single’s A-side.

Watch the video for “Aphasia” and listen to “Ringing Bell” below.

Lead photo courtesy of CJ Harvey.

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