Listen: Arcade Fire’s Will Butler shares new song ‘Anything You Want’

Arcade Fire's Will Butler releases solo track on Soundcloud

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler shared a new song via Soundcloud this Independence Day, called “Anything You Want.” This release marks his first solo work since his live album, Friday Night, a year ago. Though the subject matter is politically oriented, Will tweeted a disclaimer after releasing the track, “It’s about George Washington, and my family, and America. It wasn’t written for the 4th of July, but it feels appropriate.”

The demo, featuring the chorus from Roy Orbison’s “You Got It,” takes Arcade Fire’s familiar critical approach to the American Dream, revealing the dark side of US history in a satire-infused piano ballad. So perhaps it is appropriate, given the time and subject matter, a haunting reminder juxtaposed against the blinding patriotism of July 4th.

Listen to “Anything You Want” below.



(image via wikimedia)