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Listen: Wintersleep release energetic new track ‘Beneficiary’

Canadian indie rockers Wintersleep have just released their latest single, “Beneficiary.” The energetic, anthemic track explores and critiques the genocide of indigenous individuals in Canada.

“I was reading an interview with Peter Carey who was talking about [oppression and mistreatment of our indigenous people] in the Australian context and their relationship to it,” the band explained to Brooklyn Vegan. “He referred to himself in the interview as a ‘beneficiary of genocide’ and I feel like it really encapsulates the idea of someone historically removed from these atrocities but who nonetheless benefits and has to come to terms with and find ways to acknowledge and take on a certain responsibility in making it right.”

Listen to “Beneficiary” below.

Wintersleep are set to release their seventh studio album, In the Land Of on March 29th via Dine Alone.

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