Listen: Wintersleep share new loving track ‘Into The Shape Of Your Heart’

'In The Land Of' is set for release on March 29

Wintersleep have just shared “Into The Shape Of Your Heart,” a loving new track off of their forthcoming album, In The Land Of.

The new tune is about celebrating and diving fully into love, while moving on from past mistakes. “Lyrically, it’s a loose narrative of someone showing up to the house of someone he loves and trying to win her heart for the first time or to get it back,” vocalist Paul Murphy explains in a statement. “I guess there’s room for interpretation but it’s maybe also just trying to capture a snapshot of a moment of two people trying to have a conversation that ends in a dance.”

Listen to “Into The Shape Of Your Heart” below.

In The Land Of, which revolves around and studies both real and imagined geography, is set for release on March 29th.