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Listen: Wolf Parade releases new single ‘Julia Take Your Man Home’

Canadian indie rock band Wolf Parade has released “Julia Take Your Man Home” ahead of their LP Thin Minds, which is out January 24th via Sub Pop.

The song opens with “Julia, take your man home / He’s just sitting at the bar, carving shapes that look like dicks into the wood.” The snarky lyrics indicate a relationship between Julia and a man whose narcissism is explored throughout the song. Keyboardist Spencer Krug says the lyrics are based on an exaggerated version of himself. “It’s not literally me,” he says on Wolf Parade’s Bandcamp. “I’ve never carved shapes that look like dicks into a bar, but it is the toxic male version of myself.”

The energetic, drum and guitar-led song closes out with “To say that he loves you would be unfair towards you, and/to say that he needs you would be unfair towards you, too,” reminding Julia that her self-absorbed man only cares about himself.

Check out “Julia Take Your Man Home” below.

This is the third single off their upcoming LP, following “Against the Day” and “Forest Green.” Thin Mind is Wolf Parade’s fifth album, following Cry Cry Cry in 2017.

Keep an eye out for Wolf Parade’s album coming January 24th.

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