Listen: Yuri Beats’ Unreal Mashup of Drake and Father John Misty

A beautiful blend of Drake's "Legend" and FJM's "Holy Shit".

Mashups can be pretty “hit or miss”. Sometimes they blend together tracks and create something magical, — other times they flat our ruin excellent songs. In this case, New York producer Yuri Beats mashed up Drake’s “Legend” and Father John Misty’s “Holy Shit” and made something beautiful.

Yuri layers Father John Misty’s relaxed track as an solid foundation for Drake’s bouncing rhythms that’ll have you nodding your head. If you don’t believe me, just listen to the mashup for yourself. It just works.

You can listen to the Drake x FJM mashup here.

According to Noisey, Yuri said,

“I’m a huge fan of Drake and Father John Misty. Both ‘Legend’ and ‘Holy Shit’ really touched a nerve for me… They both manage to articulate something beautiful and painful that really resonated with me.”

And apparently he is not the only one who thinks blending the two songs makes for something amazing. Father John Misty even tweeted about his love for the mashup:

No word yet on Drake’s opinion of the track, although he may be too busy prepping for the release of Views and the NBA playoffs…

(Main photo by Yuri Beats)