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Little Trips share VHS-inspired video for debut single ‘Orange & Foggy’

Denver indie outfit Little Trips have shared a video for their debut single, “Orange & Foggy.” The new single marks the first track off of their forthcoming debut album, Downhill to Paradise, out this fall via Staycation Records.

Produced by Drew Vandenberg (Of Montreal, Toro y Moi), the new track is super dreamy. With rollicking instrumentals and silky, layered vocals, “Orange & Foggy” will teleport you to a dreamy escape. This optimistic tune is the perfect summer anthem. The accompanying video is shot with a VHS style beneath gritty effects and bright colours. With flashing lights, the video comes packed with trippy clips of the band performing along to the tune.

“Each verse of the track is a snapshot of a fragmented memory, with the realization in the chorus that the dust of time eventually blots out our memories until nothing remains,” Little Trips’ Greg Laut explains of “Orange & Foggy.” “The music video captures how fragmented memories appear in our mind as hazy events from different time folding on top of each other, and how we are unreliable narrators of our own histories.”

Watch the video for “Orange & Foggy” below.


More about Little Trips:

Little Trips truly channel their name in everything they do. The band tries to take the listener on “adventures outside the realms of this world,” according to a press release. The duo is made up of Laut on vocals, guitar, and keys and Jason Paton on bass, backing vocals and guitar. For the dazzling new track, Little Trips teamed up with Vandenberg and Pistol Stoessel (Faye Webster) on pedal steel.

Laut and Paton have been performing together for a long time in other projects. During quarantine, the pair teamed up as Little Trips to write some tunes of their own. This preview of their forthcoming collection was inspired by a trip to Los Angeles two summers ago.
Lead photo courtesy of Julianna Photography.

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