Live music can be just as effective as medicine according to Science

study shows medicinal effects in live music listeners

There’s really no question that the feeling of attending a live show is unmatched. Since the advent of recordable and replayable music, whether it be a record, casette, MP3, you name it — music fans’ attraction to live shows has never wavered. According to a new study published by the American Association for Music Therapy, our love for live shows may be explained by a medicinal-like effect it has on the human body.

In the study, one group of cancer patients were exposed to 25 minutes of recorded music, and the other group 25 minutes of live music. Both groups moods were analyzed pre and post listening to music. The patients who listened to live music reported less anxiety and more vigor. Those patients also seemed to experience less physical discomfort than usual.

Though it can’t be confirmed as an absolute fact, the test’s author Lucanne Magill Bailey explained “the human element inherent in live music is believed to be important.”

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As a general observation, it makes sense especially for patients experiencing pain or discomfort to show improvements simply because there’s an added dimension to live music. Being able to watch be performance in front of you is the ultimate high, it can take you out of the moment completely.

Listening to music on your own can be a very personal moment, which is great sometimes when you want to be alone. On a holistic level, watching a live show or performance also puts you in an environment where you have to interact with other people. Feeding off their energy, or dancing and singing along with other people can surely put you in a far better mood than the music itself.

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