Live On Location: Selftraits Studios Grand Opening

Forget selfies… Get yourself 3D printed at Selftraits Studio, starting at just $108 dollars! At only 5 inches tall, you can take yourself everywhere! Or… give it to your mom for Christmas. You know she misses you. Come see what it’s all about!

The process is really easy too! Just book your session, go in for a super duper futuristic scan, choose your pose and then let artists at Sculptraits handle the rest. They’ll digitally enhance your model, and when’s ready you can either pick it up or have it shipped. Indie88’s Raina had a chance to get her very own Selftrait done. Check it out!

Join Indie88’s Raina at the grand opening of Selftraits Studio December 10th from 10AM to 2PM on Thursday, December 10th 545 Queen Street West.

just discovered there’s ANOTHER tiny me out there!! ?

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