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Liza Anne | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Liza Anne Odachowski released her third album Fine But Dying earlier this year, her first on Toronto indie label Arts & Crafts.

Prompting comparisons to Angel Olsen, Courney Barnett, and Feist, the record revolves around the concept of duality. “Growing up, people would always say I was too happy to be depressed, or too social to have anxiety,” says Odachowski. “In their eyes, because I was one thing, I couldn’t also be something else. I think we all exist in duality, though. I can be everything and nothing all at once.”

Whether it’s grappling with panic disorder, romantic adversity, or the patriarchy, Liza Anne has crafted a cathartic record that openly shares her struggles with her audience.

Catch Liza Anne on stage at Field Trip Music & Arts this weekend at Fort York.

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