Llamas Crashed the Tour-de-France and They’re Not Sorry

A whole llama love.

Llamas are hilariously lovable, but participants of the Tour de France might love them a little less after the stunt they pulled over the weekend.

Spectators of stage eight of this year’s Tour, the Col du Tourmalet climb in the Pyrenees, noticed something peculiar on the course:

Photographer Joel Sagada told HuffPo France that the llamas belong to the owner of a campsite in La Mongie, who purchased them to help maintain the grounds in winter. But, with the warmer months, the llamas were brought to Tourmalet where they will be living until the fall.

Who knew the fluffy spitting mammals were fans of cycling?

This isn’t the first time animals have crashed the Tour. In 2010, a flock of sheep had their time to shine:

Hopefully next year the llamas catch the event from the sidelines.