Loblaws rolling out grocery delivery service with reusable containers in Ontario

Through a partnership with global reuse platform Loop

Loblaw Companies Ltd. is launching a new grocery delivery service with reusable containers through a partnership with global reuse platform Loop.

Using a milkman model, Loop will be available for Ontario Loblaws customers that are looking to shop sustainably. Essentially, the products you order from Loblaws come in a reusable container that users leave on their doorstep to be picked up for free after use.

“The fact is that there’s too much plastic waste in our environment. We are part of the problem and must be part of the solution,” Loblaw Companies Ltd. Executive Chairman Galen Weston explains in a release. “We are actively reducing plastic waste in hundreds of ways in our business today through better processes, new materials, and packaging design. Loop is one of the most innovative opportunities as we work with them to make it easier for consumers to be part of the solution.”

When you order through loopstore.ca and maboutiqueloop.ca, you pay a deposit on each package that is refunded after its packaging is returned.

Packages are shipped via FedEx once shoppers return the empty containers into the Loop Tote, and then schedule a free pickup online or drop it off at one of over 500 participating FedEx locations in the province.