Lollapalooza Could Be Coming Back to Toronto in 2015

Could Lollapalooza Be Coming To The 416?

In the last few years Toronto’s festival scene has really picked up with the additions of multi-day outdoor festivals like Field Trip, Riot Fest, and TURF. Building upon that, it looks like one of the world’s biggest festivals, Lollapalooza, could be making a stop in Toronto.

During last weekend’s Toronto Urban Roots Festival, their head organizer Jeff Cohen spilled the beans of Lollapalooza’s impending plans to return the big smoke next summer.

Cohen said:

“Lollapoloza is surely coming to Toronto next August 2015, and it’ll be very interesting to see how that changes the summer landscape in our great city. Honestly, we’ve never played by the industry sets of rules with regard to how things work in our venues, etc … being able to book a festival and at the same time also book some into our clubs is just an organic progression. But yes, we are absolutely self-sufficient in terms of how we do business and fiercely independent of the big players like C3, AEG, and Live Nation.”

‘Lolla’ organizers were reached for comments but said “nothing is confirmed.” It’s a developing story that we’ll keep you posted on.