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London Grammar share stirring orchestral performance of ‘Lord It’s A Feeling’

English trio London Grammar are back with a stunning new version of their song “Lord It’s A Feeling”. The performance was recorded live with a full orchestra from London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios.

The Abbey Road studio sets the scene for blustering violins, ethereal harp chords, a rich horns section and angelic vocal harmonies. The latest version sees the track come to life in a whole new and epic way.

Listen to the orchestral version of “Lord It’s A Feeling” below.

The track is originally from London Grammar’s third album Californian Soil, released back in April. The record was the follow-up to 2017’s Truth Is A Beautiful Thing and features the singles “Baby It’s You”, “Lose Your Head”, “How Does It Feel” and “America”.

Californian Soil paved a new sound for London Grammar. It sees the trio channelling a powerful new energy with hard-hitting instrumentals and dance anthems. Lyrically, the album strays from their past material as well. Frontwoman Hannah Reid explores themes of femininity and relationships, on lines like “And I left my pride/ With that woman by my side/ I never had a willing hand/ And I never had a plan.”

Additionally, Reid explained that the new album is “about gaining possession of my own life”. “Misogyny is primitive, which is why it is so hard to change. But it is also fearful. It’s about rejecting the thing in yourself which is vulnerable or feminine. Yet everybody has that thing.”

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