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London Is Constructing Lightning Bolt Memorial for David Bowie

On January 10, 2016 the music world lost its sparkle. The beloved David Bowie passed on leaving decades of music to carry on his legacy.

Since Bowie’s passing, there have been tremendous amounts of tributes to his name such as performances, speeches, memorial sites and, most uniquely, his very own constellation in the form of a lightning bolt.

A year has now passed and Bowie fans are still mourning the loss of their favourite artist. London has especially carried a heavy heart since the loss seeing as Bowie was born and raised in the South London neighbourhood of Brixton. Fans have been dedicating their time, money and effort into raising enough funds to create a permanent lighting bolt memorial piece on the streets of Brixton, UK just blocks away from Bowie’s original home where he was born on January 8, 1947.

The project was officially launched yesterday and the site says that the lightning bolt memorial is planned to be 30 feet tall and will sit directly opposite Brixton’s underground tube station. Here’s a video about the memorial project for Bowie, check it out below!

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