Long Winter Announces Final Show of the Season

The last performance will be March 13 at The Great Hall

For the third year, Long Winter has put together a five instalment concert series that featured an array of talented bands. This year’s final instalment will be at The Great Hall on March 13. Tickets are $11 in advance and entry at the door is pay what you can. The first 250 people to enter The Great Hall will also be given a present: a vinyl split from Elsa and Dreamsploitation.

Performers for the final show of the season include Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People, Pins and Needles, Elsa, Bart, Panic, Hank, Dreamsploitation, Not OF, ASMR Buds, Several Futures, Dirty Frigs, Fake Palms, Pretty Boys, and DJ Cell Memory.

The all-ages event also offers a retrospective installation from local label Blocks Records, that will showcase many creative talents like art and dance. See more from the event or purchase advance tickets here!