Longtime Annex Bar The Green Room Moving to Little Italy

Farewell The Green Room, long live The Green Room

Mark October 29th on your calendar, as it’s the last day you will have a chance to enter revered bar The Green Room as we know it. The Annex establishment will shut down operations and move to a new location on College Street for November 1.

Known for its Brunswick Street back alley entrance, The Green Room has long been a favourite spot for Toronto residents looking for a hidden patio to sit and sip away from the hustle of the city. According to an email from a bar representative to Blog T.O., the Brunswick Street building that houses The Green Room has been sold.

The new location in Little Italy is the former home of Crown and Tiger. So get out and enjoy some affordable Sangria and The Green Room’s unique decor before moving day.

Image via Flickr/margonaut