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5 Reasons Why You Should be Happy About Fall in Toronto

Autumn in TO, why does it seem so inviting? Could it be the gorgeous hues atop the trees, perfectly mild weather or pumpkin spice everything? Pumpkin spice is still a thing, riiiiiight? For us, there are so many reasons to love Fall in Toronto: vintage crawls, tasty cask ales, new acquired wealth– just to name a few. Here is a list that’s a little less basic than enjoying your typical PSL this season.

The Smell of Hot Garbage Goes Away

Olfactory memory (odor memory) is a remarkable thing. You can recall memories of an ex-lover, or another rotting pile of trash from a simple, wafting aroma noticed in passing. As sweet as our Toronto Summers are, you can’t help but notice that Toronto’s distinct scent of sizzling garbage seems to dissipate as soon as the sweater weather arrives. So blessed.

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You Suddenly Become Rich When Your OSAP Comes In

Struggling students in Toronto, you know what I mean. Your pathetic little bank accounts suddenly become overflowed with funds and you’re convinced that you’re the next Wolf of Bay Street. Yaaas qween. Now you can finally impress your partner with that useless, overpriced thing they always wanted or feast like a king with overpriced tapas until the gravy train comes to an inevitable halt. OR you could just spend it on school like a responsible adult, since you eventually have to pay it all back anyways. Your move.

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You Can Drink Delicious Ales at Cask Days

With your new acquired funds, you decided to fork over somewhere between $25-$120 on a day or weekend “baller pass” to drink some delicious cask ales from all over North America. This year’s festival runs from October 20th-22nd and is once again hosted at the gorgeous building that is the Evergreen Brickworks.

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Basketball Season Starts Up Again

Beer and basketball. Perhaps the perfect pairing besides Drake and the 6ix. Fall is a time for the new NBA season to start up and we’re all ready to cheer on our beloved Raps! Whether it be at Jurassic Park, the ACC, some random bar, in your friend’s grubby-little apartment–anyplace is the perfect place to proclaim “WE THE NORTH” proudly.

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Shop ‘Till You Drop At The Annual Vintage Crawl

What’s cooler than supporting eco-conscious fashion sustainability, local TO businesses and doing it all while dressed to kill? The Annual Toronto Vintage Crawl happens twice a year but arguably, the best time of the year to attend is during Autumn, think: leather jackets, oversized knits and daring booties. From 7pm-midnight vintages stores participating in the crawl offer up special sales, events and attractions to make your shopping experiencing feel like a trendy after party at NYFW.

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