Lorde Drew Inspiration from Prince, Joni Mitchell for New Record

Lorde talks pop music and house parties

It’s no surprise that people have high expectations for Lorde’s new album, Melodrama. The enigmatic now 20-year-old has a way of articulating herself that makes most of us feel incompetent. She’s an old soul, that’s for sure.

Being a pop artist, she receives a lot of flack because people tend to hate on pop. We saw this with her first single this year “Green Light,” which was criticized for being too pop-driven. According to Lorde, making pop music isn’t a walk in the park and you really have to have a high respect for the craft.

“A lot of musicians think they can do pop,” she told the New York Times, “and the ones who don’t succeed are the ones who don’t have the reverence—who think it’s just a dumb version of other music. You need to be awe-struck.”

In the same profile, she also compared Melodrama to Joni Mitchell’s Blue, but in a way that you wouldn’t expect.

“I’d go to Jack [Antonoff] and say, ‘I have a chunk of melody in mind and I want to try a tight, syncopated falsetto, maybe like a Prince thing […] Then we’d sit at the piano straight away and figure it out.” As a result, she said, “you could play the whole album acoustically if you wanted—it’s like Blue.”

Finally, the artist revealed to the Times that Melodrama tells the story of one house party, using the ups and downs of a typical house party to describe the songs on her album.

“With a party, there’s that moment where a great song comes on and you’re ecstatic,” she explained, “and then there’s that moment later on where you’re alone in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, you don’t think you look good, and you start feeling horrible.”

Feature photo courtesy of Annette Geneva via Flickr.