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Lorde Explains Florence and the Machine’s Influence on ‘Green Light’ in the ‘Rookie Podcast’

It’s interesting how your perception of a song changes when you examine how it came to be.

A similar moment occurred during the Rookie Podcast, when Lorde explained to the podcast’s host Tavi Gevinson the process behind birthing Lorde’s new single “Green Light.”

“Green Light” has received a lot of flack for being more pop-y than Lorde’s typical work, and the New Zealand artist completely acknowledges this. In fact, when the topic was brought up during the podcast, Lorde pulled out the very first demo of “Green Light” and played it into the mic. While doing so, she explained that the song was born the day after a Florence and the Machine concert. During the concert, Lorde was stricken by the piano work of what was probably Isabella Summers. She described the “big, jangly movement with her hands on the piano,” which served as Lorde’s main inspiration for the song.

“[…] the physicality of that movement that became the way Jack [Antonoff] played that [melody]…it didn’t come from anything musical, it was literally seeing her hands banging down.”

In regards to critics calling “Green Light” too pop-y, the artist explained that there was literally no other form for the song, especially since it was born out of wanting to replicate the way Summers played her keyboard at that one concert. “That’s just the inside of my brain,” she said. “[…] it had no other form.”

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

Feature photo courtesy of Jessy Gonzalez via Flickr.

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